the nhl in review
2013-14 season
team 14 of 30

July 26th 182 via source
btw has haydn even signed with us yet and i missed it or????

he hasn’t signed yet as far as i’ve heard?? i havent seen him tweet or the canes tweet about it yet 

July 25th 1

Carolina Hurricanes prospect Josh Wesley is very… enthusiastic? at a Canes game.

July 25th 521 via source
Q: No -Anonymous

everyone is giving me mixed answers on this except you anon so thank you 

July 25th

is it time for me to change back to jeffskinnr

July 25th 4
i think unless a lot of them get injured then we’re not gonna see him for a while which is v disappointing b/c i so badly wanna see him play in the big leagues too

true i just really don’t want to admit that to myself yet even though its pretty set now that i really think about it

July 25th 2